7 Must-Have WordPress Plugins – See Why They Are Important

 7 Must-Have WordPress Plugins - See Why They Are Important

WordPress is a great platform, but sometimes it needs an extra boost.

This article will show you 7 must-have plugins that can help increase your website’s security and functionality.

There are many benefits to using WordPress, including the fact that it’s free to use.

However, if you want your website to be on the cutting edge of digital marketing trends then this list of plugins might be just what you need!


Akismet protects your blog from spam and comment abuse .

Akismet is a plugin that’s intended to eliminate spam comments, thereby protecting the quality of your site.

It has been installed on more than 20 million WordPress blogs and helps protect you from over 150 billion spams per week – so it must be doing its job!


Adds a suite of powerful features to WordPress blogs, including stats, sharing, and more .

The Jetpack plugin is a power-packed WordPress module that adds some additional functionality in the form of stats, sharing tools and other options.

Based on number one’s popularity it might be worth considering this powerful tool to help your site grow!

Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemaps – Creates an XML sitemap for your site that is easy for search engines to read .

The Google XML Sitemaps plugin is a great tool in helping search engines find your site content.

This could be one to consider if you are looking for ways of improving the SEO on any WordPress blog!

WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache – Speeds up the load time of your website by caching pages so they don’t need to be generated dynamically each time someone visits them .

This is a great plugin that not only speeds up your website but also helps to reduce the number of server resources needed.

The downside? The cached pages don’t change with each visit so if you update or add new content, it won’t show in cache visits until after WP Super Cache has re-cached on its own time frame  but this could be one worth giving consideration for those looking at ways they can speed their sites and make them more SEO friendly!

WordPress Export / Import (WP E I) – An export/import tool from within HTML:

It allows users migrating between self-hosted blogs without having access via FTP; blog owners who want an offsite backup copy as well… 


BackupBuddy automates backups of all your WordPress sites with just one click and sends them to your Dropbox, Amazon S-Drive or Google Drive account.

Start with a free 14 day trial and start using BackupBuddy today! The only plugin you need for backup management is here now…  

Backupbudy will make it easy like never before – just one-click set up in the dashboard.

Automatic backups every 15 minutes so that nothing can happen without being backed up automatically even if something happens while not logged into WordPress (elevated privileges required).

Self-hosted dropbox storage option available also at no cost beyond what’s already paid by hosting provider as well on cloud providers such outputting archives of zip files instead which may be useful depending upon needs/circumstances).

All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack will help to optimize your WordPress blog for search engines. It will also generate XML sitemaps, to help make it easier and faster when the crawlers come by…

This plugin allows you control over how titles are created in blogs posts as well complete with a preview of what they would look like before saving them  so that all URLs on pages can have title tags which is important if using SEO plugins such an All In One SEOPack or Yoast’s most popular plug-in!

Like these other two, this one has its own dashboard where everything from customization through settings about various parts throughout WP needed optimization could be found.

So don’t forget doing some research here too – I’ve been hopeful any benefits seen might not just happen.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 allows visitors on your website to contact you through an email form or a message box. Once someone fills in the form, they will receive an automatic email response from you (unless configured otherwise).

For many of us, bloggers and website owners who want to have a blog or site that is open for people viewing it 24×365 – this plugin provides automated responses.  

This means we don’t need to always be at our computer checking every message when visitors comment on posts!

You can even set up your own “from” field so emails appear as though coming directly through Contact Form itself rather than being sent by admin@yourdomainname.com which makes more sense if running multiple sites with different personas behind them all…or just because YOU WANT TO 😉