How Can I Make Money From Affiliate Marketing As An Absolute Beginner?

How To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing As a Beginner

A few years ago, I was an absolute beginner. I didn’t have a clue about what affiliate marketing was and how it worked.

All of this changed when I found out that you could make money from affiliate marketing as an absolute beginner!

Now, my blog is set up with affiliate links to all sorts of different products like Amazon Kindle eBooks, courses on Udemy, and more!

Read below for 5 steps that will get you started with affiliate marketing as a complete newbie!

Understand the basics of affiliate marketing 

What is affiliate marketing?  

Affiliate Marketing, also known as performance-based advertising or cost per action (CPA), refers to a form of internet-based online advertisement that rewards affiliates for each visitor they send the advertiser’s way.

The more visitors you bring in from your site and convert into customers/clients -the higher the commission rate will be paid out on every sale!

Affiliates are not limited by geographical boundaries so this means anyone can make money with it regardless of where their audience lives.”

How do I earn through an Amazon Associate program: “Amazon Associates work together closely using our own website content such like blog posts about products we love,” says Amanda Ensing who blogs at A Little Bit From Myself.

Find a niche

Find a niche to specialize in, such as fashion or technology.

The more specific your niche, the better. For example:

If you’re a fashion blogger and want to make money from affiliate marketing then focus on clothing brands or accessories that are relevant for women in their 20s-40’s who live near major cities like New York City.”

Build your website

Build your website’s content and design with SEO in mind. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the process of improving your website’s ranking in search engine results pages.

Some ways to optimize a site are: adding keywords and phrases into content;

Using tags that will help with SEO such as “keyword” or “#tag”; making sure images have captions so they can be found by Google Image searches.”  

Create a social media account

Create a social media account for your site and share it on relevant platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

It is important to make sure that you are sharing the right content at the appropriate time as well so be aware of what’s trending in order not only to attract new users but also build customer loyalty.

Put your information out there so that others can find you.

Put a profile picture up and something about what you are doing, who is running it, or why they started the site to help people get an idea of who they are dealing with before investing their time in reading more on your blog

Learn how to use Google Analytics

Learn how to use Google Analytics so you can track what is working best for your business and what needs improvement.

The Google Analytics dashboard is a great place to start.

It shows you the number of visitors, where they came from, and what pages on your site are most popular.”

It also tells how long people spent reading each page which can be useful for deciding if it’s worth updating or not”.

“You’ll want an analytics program that will show all these things so make sure when choosing one there isn’t just traffic data but information about demographics as well”.   


Affiliate marketing is a great way to generate additional revenue. If you’re an absolute beginner, the best place for you to start would be with affiliate programs that offer free training and support.

Some examples of these are Wealthy Affiliates or ShareASale (get paid upfront). Once your account has been set up in one of those platforms, it’s time to think about what niche/product/service will work well for your audience.

Just make sure you know how much commission rates before making any commitments because they vary significantly on average between 2% – 50%.

Thank you for reading my “How can I make money from affiliate marketing as an absolute beginner?” topic. I hope you got some idea.