The 12 Most Useful Social Media Marketing Tips EVER!

The 12 Most Useful Social Media Marketing Tips EVER

Have you ever wanted to know how to use social media in your business? If so, then this blog post is just for you!

In the following article, I will share 12 of my best tips on using social media marketing.

These are tried and true techniques that have helped me grow my business tremendously. So what are you waiting for?

Scroll down below and get started with these strategies today!

Tip #1: Bypass ‘Leaky’ Landing Pages Altogether

Broadly speaking, online marketing is best understood as a funnel made up of traffic sources and conversion channels. However, let’s face it: most funnel stages are leaky, and the final stage often suffers. Why?

You guessed right!

Customers don’t care about our companies enough to go all of that way down a long marketing journey just for an order form at its end (or worse yet – they get bored or distracted along their path).

So how can we use social media in business without making this mistake with landing pages—leaving them as is until customers come through on Facebook ads before even attempting any other methods…

And what if you’re not using paid advertising techniques like retargeting campaigns which would allow prospects who’ve visited your website but did NOT convert back then – there’s any guarantee those visitors will ever return again.

Tip #2: Leverage the Power of Life Events

Successfully marketing yourself is a big challenge but if you know who is most likely to be interested in your product or service then it will be half the battle!

It’s important to do some digging before jumping into an advertisement on social media. Once you’ve created the ideal persona for that particular audience, the work is worth every single minute, and soon enough

To do this, one of the best things is targeting them based on life events and interests such as new mothers or parents-to-be if it’s a baby product company like ours!

This guarantees they’ll see our ads when their most receptive

Tip #3: Provide a Seamless, Cohesive Visual Experience

Social media has done far more than changing the way consumers shop; it has changed the way they live.

Social media has streamlined the world to a point of no return. How could it not?

Courting controversy with every tweet and text, Instagram stories are ephemeral snapshots that fly by as soon as you’re interested or bored.

Inserting real-life into a nonreal-life existence is something humans have always tried doing, but now in successful social media marketing campaigns leverage visual storytelling techniques such as video or photo slideshows (a seamless experience) so consumers can see what life will look if they purchase the product.

What’s your best social media marketing tip? Leave it in a comment below!

I usually ask, “Would you like fries with that” to make them laugh and then offer my card for more information about our services or products.’

Tip #4: Build Communities Around Actionable Hashtags

Even with so much information to go by, there are still some who believe that hashtags are fading away. Join the real world and get back online!

Building communities around actionable hashtags is a powerful way to connect with potential customers and keep them engaged in your brand-sponsored conversations all year long!

Tip #5: Structure Social Campaigns Around Your Business Objectives

Paid advertising on social media sites is a great way to run ads and generate income.

But what’s usually overlooked is how your social media presence will come back to benefit you in the long-term as well.

For example, when running paid advertisements for your company on Facebook or Instagram, if you have an account structure that follows in line with their guidelines.

When you take the time to properly plan out your account structure, it’s easy for marketers and managers alike in a company with multiple social media profiles or departments within an organization to understand what content is being published by which team members on behalf of their business objectives.

Tip #6: Use Twitter To Test Out Content Ideas

Why is Twitter such a valuable platform for marketers?

Twitter is one of the most economically viable online options that content creators can use to spread interactive information.

Just set up a new account with the Twitter username of your business name for most marketing purposes or as an additional personal brand page that’s only used on this social network.

Tip #7: Use Your Best-Converting Ad Copy

A recent study revealed that more than 29% of Internet users have clicked on an advertisement while using a search engine.

Now, consider the placement of these advertisements and how users could easily be leading to pages they’re not supposed to go to.

You should always be testing out different ad copies to see which ones are generating conversions at better than average levels and then use these best-converting variations as you scale up campaigns across all social networks in order to maximize performance!

Tip #8: Narrow Your Targeting to Boost Engagement

There is something else you can do to improve the Quality Score of your Facebook ad campaigns, and it’s done through Twitter.

But there is an even more important reason to take advantage of Twitter’s targeting capabilities in order to realize the best results possible from social advertising: it will reduce costs!

You need less traffic when you narrow down who exactly sees each tweet.

Tip #9: Layer Your Targeting Options

In the past, advertisers had to content themselves with incredibly broad targeting options with Facebook and Twitter.

That is no longer the case, as you can now layer a variety of targeting options to achieve your desired goals on both social networks!

Since Facebook’s ad platform has been around for such an extended period than that which spans from when it was first implemented in 2006 until today (2016), they have amassed exponentially more data.

Tip #10: Don’t Be TOO Granular with Social Audiences

Social media marketing has never been easier or more effective.

It used to be that businesses had few options for targeting consumers with Facebook and Twitter posts or ads, but now you can layer a variety of targeting options, including ideal audience interests and demographics, so you can achieve your goals on these platforms!

It’s a good idea to be careful when using these targeting options because advertisers are likely paying different rates depending upon how narrow they make their audience selection criteria and the intent of said ad campaign.

Tip #11: Monitor Ad Performance Closely

Both Facebook and Twitter offer significantly different targeting options. However, the way that you can target a specific audience on Facebook with more detail than twitting (such as by gender or location) exists in greater detail than it does on Twitter.

Tip #12: Start Remarketing on Social

Social media marketing is a fast-acting business. Whether you’re posting for Facebook or Instagram, it can be hard to keep up with the constantly changing trends of communication behavior.

The thing about a Facebook or Twitter ad is that for most people who see it – they’ve never heard of your product before and are unlikely to buy from you in the future (unless there was some other stimulus).

Instead, we recommend testing out retargeting ads.