Top 10 Best Video Hosting Platforms 2021

Video is a powerful way to engage with current and potential customers. Video marketing can be a cost-effective method of communicating your company’s message, increasing awareness, and generating interest in your products or services. This blog post will review the pros and cons of 10 different video hosting platforms so you can find the best one for your needs.

Top 10 Best Video Hosting Platforms


Vimeo is one of the most popular videos hosting platforms, with over 100 million active users. Compared to other platforms, Vimeo is a bit more selective about what they host on their platform and videos can only be uploaded in standard definition (not HD) so it may not fit everyone’s needs.

Vimeo has a lot of great features for marketers like the ability to upload longer videos than YouTube or Facebook or pay-per-view options that allow you to charge viewers as much as $100 per license fee. They also have some neat revenue sharing programs if your content generates sales within the Vimeo site.

The only concern with this platform is that it doesn’t have the same reach as YouTube or Facebook. Also, the premium plan costs $200 a year and doesn’t have as many features for marketers.


With Wistia, you can upload unlimited videos in any resolution and with a free account, there is no limit on how long your video is.

Wistia has some great features for marketers like the ability to track analytics on traffic sources that led to conversions from at-home trials or Wistian customers who subscribed to an email list. They also have one of the highest completion rates (95 percent) meaning people who watch more than 25% of your video will most likely complete it all! On top of that, they offer a lot of analysis tools that allow you to see what content resonates best with viewers so you always know what kind of stuff should be uploaded next.

The only drawback of Wistia is that they are a paid option. This is because their video hosting platform has so many features that it can cost up to $24 per month for the premium version of Wistia.

Wistia’s customer service is excellent and there is always someone available willing to answer questions, offer suggestions or just chat about whatever you need. The company also offers live webinars with expert speakers on topics like “Using Video in Your Email Marketing” and “How To Create Engaging Videos.”


YouTube is one of the free options for hosting video content on the internet. They have a huge database of videos and it is also possible to upload your own via their desktop app or website.

YouTube has had some controversy in recent years with issues about copyrighted materials being uploaded, but if you use caution as an author uploading original material then YouTube can be a fantastic option for free video hosting.

The only major drawback to using this platform is that they do not allow HTML embeds which make adding links difficult within your descriptions or annotations unless you want them broken up every time someone clicks through different parts of the description page (which would look bad).


You may not hear this name but this is one of the video hosting platforms that you should consider if you’re looking for a more robust video streaming service.

Panopto offers both free and paid services, but the free version is quite limited with few features available unless they are unlocked through an upgrade (which starts at $15/month).

They offer many different kinds of storage formats including FLV, MPEG-DASH, WebM VPX, and MPEG-TS in addition to GIFs which allows authors to upload many types of files as well.

Their dashboard is fairly easy to navigate with most options only requiring one or two clicks before uploading a new file with their mobile app being extremely useful when on location shooting videos.

The major downside of this platform is that they charge for each video, which can get expensive depending on how much footage you are shooting.


Vidyard platform allows you to upload a video, capture leads with opt-in forms, and generate reports on your audience’s demographics. The best feature is the Facebook live integration which allows members of your team to broadcast directly from Vidyard.

Vidyard also offers its users considerable customization options such as editing tools for videos and social media integrations so they can publish content across multiple channels at once. One downside is that if you’re looking for a way to embed videos within the text, this isn’t it – other than sharing links externally by email or post (which are not tracked). However, in terms of generating sales opportunities, this site may be worth checking out!

The negative side of Vidyard is that their social media integrations are not the best. The site’s main focus seems to be on video hosting and sharing, so if you’re looking for a way to embed videos within the text – this isn’t it!

Vidyard also offers considerable customization options such as editing tools for videos and social media integration so they can publish content across multiple channels at once. One downside of Vidyard is that if you’re looking for a way to embed videos within the text, this isn’t it- other than sharing links externally by email or post (which are not tracked).


SproutVideo has been around since 2007 and was recently bought out by Cisco Systems which provides them with some financial stability moving forward. The great features of this site include the ability to upload, edit and share videos as well as embed them on other sites.

SproutVideo offers a higher video quality compared to their competitors which is great if you want your content to be top-notch (and look professional).

The downside of using this platform though is that they are not very user-friendly – in fact, it can take up to an hour just to figure out how to even go about uploading a video! This could pose problems for those who don’t have much technical know-how or time on their hands.

But one thing I really don’t like about this site is that they are very expensive – in fact, their monthly plan costs $199 per month.


HippoVideo is also one of the good video hosting platforms.

It offers an easy-to-use interface which is perfect for those who are not tech-savvy. It also has a good quality of video and it’s free, which makes it even more appealing! However, there are some downsides to HippoVideo – the storage space available is limited (especially if you have tons of videos) and this site doesn’t offer many features that other sites do.

HippoVideo requires users to download their own software before they can start uploading content but after all the hassle, these limitations might be worth it when you see the low price tag on their monthly plan (only $0.49 per month!).

If your goal is just to upload videos from time to time then this would be a great site for you.

The downside of this is that this site doesn’t offer much in the way of editing features.


VideoMan is a new video hosting software that is launched this year has a lot of features that make it stand out from the rest.

VideoMan offers unlimited uploads and storage, a video player that can be embedded on any website or blog post, preloaded templates to help you create beautiful videos in minutes without needing advanced editing skills, easy one-click publishing of your content for quick distribution across different platforms including Facebook and YouTube with just two clicks!

VideoMan also has social media integration where users can share their videos directly to Twitter or Pinterest – this is a great feature if you want people who have followed you online but not yet created an account on the VideoMans platform to watch what’s been uploaded.


JWPlayer is good in certain scenarios, but it is not the most versatile platform. It’s perfect for one-time projects like an interview or a set of lectures where you need to embed on your website and keep it up indefinitely without any editing capabilities.

The major downside with JWPlayer is that there is no ability to edit the content after uploading – which means if you make a mistake in setting up the player then all viewers will see this error as well.

For example, I uploaded my video using HTML code instead of FLV format when first publishing so none of my videos showed up! This could have been easily corrected had they included some sort of post-upload editor within their system, but alas such doesn’t exist (and likely never will).

But the bad news about JWPlayer is offset by the fact that it’s free, which is a major improvement over some of its competitors.

This is one of the most popular video hosting platforms right now and has been for years thanks to how easy it makes uploading content from your computer or camera and publishing it across multiple social media sites with just a few clicks.

The downside? Well, there are ads included in each uploaded file as well as an initial setup fee – but these aren’t too much to worry about if you’re monetizing on YouTube (which I don’t recommend).

In general, this platform will work great for businesses trying to get their name out through short videos without any editing capabilities required.’


Muvi is been around since 2006 and currently has over 30 million users.

Muvi offers a cloud service for uploading video content that is scalable, so you can upload as little or as much footage as desired. It also extends to mobile devices like Android and the iPhone.’

The drawback? Since Muvi doesn’t offer any editing features outside of basic trimming, it’s not ideal if your business requires a more complex set-up with titles, credits, etc.

Muvi Pricing: Free Basic Plan; $15/month Standard Plan; $99/year Premium Plan (includes unlimited storage space)

This video hosting platform doubles as an online media distribution company – meaning they’ll create customized marketing campaigns aimed at driving awareness about their videos through Facebook ads and other platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion.

The downside of their all-inclusive services is that they do not offer more in-depth tutorials or training, so it might be a better fit for businesses looking to host videos and distribute them on their own.


We hope this post has helped you make more informed decisions about what video hosting platform is best for your company. If not, let us know and we’ll help get you started! Contact our team of digital marketing experts today to learn how they can create a strategy that will boost sales by using the power of video in your online marketing plan. Which one did you choose? Did it work out well? Let us know!