Top 11 WhatsApp Marketing Tools to Use For Your Business

In today’s digital world, WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps. In 2021, WhatsApp will be used by almost 60% of the world population and it will have over 1 billion daily active users. It has become a great marketing tool for businesses to use in order to reach their target audience. The following are the top 11 WhatsApp marketing tools that you should start using now!

Top 11 WhatsApp Marketing Tools to Use For Your Business


One of the best WhatsApp marketing tools, WappBlaster allows you to send bulk messages with features suited for effective marketing.

You can use it to create a new WhatsApp account, add contacts and manage your groups. With WappBlaster you will be able to track the number of requests that you have sent from various WhatsApp clients such as Android, iOS, or Windows.


The Whappext tool enables you to send messages to millions of users in a single session, making it perfect for marketing. It is free and makes it easier to target audiences by sending them ads.

The only requirement for using Whappext is creating an account with their site and then adding contacts or groups in order to send messages via WhatsApp.


Whatsender is one of the most user-friendly Whatsapp marketing tools that allows you to send bulk marketing messages right from your PC.  You can easily create a Whatsapp group and send messages to it.

WhatSender is also integrated with your CRM database, so you will be able to access all of the information about contacts that are in your databases such as their phone numbers or email addresses for direct marketing purposes.

Whatsapp Bulk Sender

One of the most advanced bulk messaging tools is WhatsApp Bulk Sender, which allows you to send messages from any number at anytime. 

This is one of the best Whatsapp marketing tools that you can use to send messages without having to create a WhatsApp group. You will be able to send messages with images and videos, which are very engaging.

Whatsapp Bulk sender is one of the most advanced WhatsApp marketing tools that come with many features to help send messages from any number at any time. This tool allows you to message without having to create a WhatsApp group, and it also includes an inbuilt tracking system for analyzing your stats about how well your messages are.


A common WhatsApp marketing tool is Agnitas, which helps to monitor a campaign as well as allowing the creation of chat-rooms.

The Agnitas tool is easy-to-use, saves time as well as money for marketers by sending bulk WhatsApp messages without creating groups, and much more.

This blog post talks about how you can use these tools in your marketing campaigns and what features they offer that will help reach out with minimum cost! You are now reading segment five of this long-form content which covers Tool number five – Agnitas.

*Agnitas* is one of the most widely used WhatsApp marketing tools in the industry today that has helped many brands send their message effectively through Whatsapp at minimal costs while saving on time too.


Not many businesses have mastered the art of WhatsApp marketing. This is because there are various limitations that make it hard to do so, such as not being able to schedule messages and having to manually send your broadcast every single day.

WhatDROID allows you to easily create automated broadcasts for your business’s WhatsApp account without having to spend too much time on manual work or worrying about any technical issues.

WhatDROID has made it possible for businesses all over the world with its easy-to-use interface and helpful features, which allow you to effectively reach out to a larger audience while maintaining a personal touch at all times. It also lets you schedule messages in advance so that they get sent out when needed instead of having them go out at an inconvenient time during the day or night.

Viking WhatsApp Marketing Software

Viking (WhatsApp Marketing Software), is a full service app that manages customer database and carries out e-marketing campaigns.

The tool includes customizable templates and a wide range of social media marketing features. It is also integrated with Google Analytics, which helps in measuring the success rate of WhatsApp campaigns.

Tool number six- Viking WhatsApp Marketing Software has many benefits for marketers that are looking to create custom databases and carry out e-marketing campaigns on WhatsApp at minimal costs while saving time too! You just read segment six of this long-form content about the sixth tool – Viking WhatsApp Marketing Software.


Allwebmart is a cost-effective way for small businesses to advertise. The tool enables you to send bulk messages, set appointments and track your customers.

Tool number seven- Allwebmart is an easy Whatsapp marketing tool for small businesses due to its cost-effectiveness. You can send bulk messages to your clients and inform them about your services, as well as set appointments with customers or track their progress in the form of analytics reports.

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With more than 25,000 clients, Whatso is one of the leading WhatsApp marketing tools with new Anti-Block technology.

Whatso offers a range of powerful features that make it easy to use WhatsApp for marketing. Its anti-blocking technology seamlessly removes any barriers and ensures messages are delivered quickly and without interruption.

With Whatso, you can also create smart filters with pre-built segments that let you send the right message at the right time to your customers based on their interests or other criteria. The software also has an intuitive drag & drop editor which lets you create complex campaigns in minutes.

Whatsapp Business API Sandbox

Whatsapp Business API Sandbox by Autochat makes complying with the WhatsApp API a simple task. All you have to do is register your business and use the software; there are no other infrastructure requirements needed for this company to make use of its service.

The tool also has pre-built templates that will help you in creating WhatsApp chatbots. This, in turn, saves your time and energy as it takes away the need to code or set up custom bots from scratch.

This software is compatible with iOS and Android devices which makes it very user-friendly. It is easy for anyone to use this powerful feature which helps businesses grow big by using Whatsapp’s potential.

Whatso: Drone rigger without a drone license? Yes, we can! Autochat’s Whatsapp Business API Sandbox allows you to integrate the WhatsApp app into an infrastructure of your choice quickly and easily – no special setup required – so saving both time and money on getting started.

AutoBlast Messenger

Auto Blast Messenger is an all-in-one marketing platform for agencies, small and medium size businesses. This app provides the capabilities necessary for running your own WhatsApp marketing campaigns.

AutoBlast Messenger offers innovative and effective messaging campaigns, website integrations for chatbots to increase conversion rates with high-quality leads.

AutoBlast Messenger offers pricing plans that start at $9.99 as a one-time payment for every user. You can also choose from monthly or yearly payment plans.