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What Is Conversion.ai

Our Verdict on Conversion.ai

Conversion.ai has been my lifesaver for the past few weeks, and it’s all because of this life-changing tool that I have recently discovered! With Conversion.ai on hand to help me out with writing blog posts, I can now write a single post in just 4 hours instead of spending an entire day working on one article at 2,500 words long – saving myself so much time which would otherwise be spent only focusing solely on writing without anything else going around or being done within those 4 hours straight (which was happening before!!). So far there are other AI writer tools that do what Conversion does but none as well as this tool right here; thank god for making our lives easier than ever before!!!

Rating: 4.5/5

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

What Is Conversion.ai?

Conversion.ai is a powerful tool that can help you write things in just a few seconds. To do this, give Conversion.ai what to write about and it will think on its own using natural learning technology and then it will write 100% unique copy or content for you.

What Conversion.ai Can Do For You?

Conversion.ai review
  • Long-form assistant: Jarvis will help you write long-form blog articles, emails, stories, scripts, and even books.
  • AIDA Framework: Use the oldest marketing framework in the world. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.
  • PAS Framework: A framework for making new marketing copy ideas is to first find the problem and then suggest a solution.
  • Content improver: Take a piece of content and rewrite it to make it more interesting, creative, and engaging.
  • Product description: Create a good description of your product for use on websites, emails, and social media.
  • Blog Post Topic Ideas: New ideas for blog posts can get people to read them. So come up with new ideas and write a post.
  • Blog Post Outline: Create lists and outlines for articles. Lists are good for “Listicle” blog posts or articles and outlines are good for “How to” style blog posts or articles.
  • Blog Post Intro Paragraph: Blast through writer’s block by letting us write your opening paragraph.
  • Blog Post Conclusion Paragraph: When you’re done writing your blog post, make sure to finish it with a good conclusion.
  • Creative Story: Write stories that are creative and delicious.
  • Explain It To a Child: Rephrase this text to make it more simple to understand.
  • Sentence Expander: Expand a short sentence or a few words into a longer sentence that is creative, interesting, and engaging.
  • Facebook ad headline: Generate headlines that will get people to click on your Facebook Ads. If they click, then they might buy the product.
  • Facebook ad primary text: Create a high converting advertisement for the “Primary Text” section of your Facebook ads.
  • Google ads headline: To make high converting ads on Facebook, create the “Primary Text” section.
  • Google ads description: Create copy that will make people want to click on your Google Ads.
  • Google My Business – What’s New Post: To post updates on Google My Business, you can generate the posts. These are things that have happened in your business, like new products or events.
  • Google My Business – Event Post: Generate details for your Google My Business event posts. You can say what’s happening when it will happen, and where you are going to be.
  • Google My Business – Product Description: Generate descriptions for your Google My Business. These will tell people about your place.
  • Google My Business – Offer Post: Generate a list of the details for your Google My Business posts.
  • Amazon product features (bullets): List the features and benefits of your product in bullet points under the heading “about this item.”
  • Amazon product description (paragraph): Create good descriptions for your products on the Amazon website. The description will be a paragraph, but it might be different than what you expect.
  • Perfect Headline: This template has formulas from the world’s best copywriters. The templates create headlines that will make your business successful.
  • Website sub-headline: You can make headlines that are informative (H2) for websites and landing pages.
  • Photo post captions: You can write a catchy caption for your Instagram post. It tells people what you’re thinking or feeling.
  • Conversion.ai Testimonial Helper: To make a testimonial, use this template and send it to Conversion.ai. If the test goes well, Conversion.ai will let you collect testimonials for all of their customers.
  • Marketing angles: Think of different ways to make your marketing more colorful.
  • Persuasive bullet points: Create a list of persuasive points to put on your landing page, in emails, and elsewhere.
  • Video Topic Ideas: Make a list of new topics ideas for videos that people will like and want to watch.
  • Video Script Outline: Write the script for your videos. You can use them to make “listicle” and “How To” style videos.
  • Video Titles: Create a good title for your video that people want to click. You want it to rank high on Youtube.
  • Video Script Hook and Introduction: To make a video that will capture the viewer’s attention, you should have an introduction. Create a video that will make people want to watch it.
  • Video Description – YouTube: The description of your YouTube videos should be different from other videos. This will help you rank well in search results.
  • Review Responder: You can write responses to public customer reviews when you are happy that people said good things about the store. You need to be professional and helpful, not mean.
  • Personalized Cold Emails: Write emails to people who you want to talk to. This will help them know about your email.
  • Email Subject Lines: When you write an email, make the subject line interesting. This will get people to open it.
  • SEO – Blog Posts – Title and Meta Descriptions: Make your blog posts good and write the title tags and meta descriptions so that people will read them. Then they will rank well in Google.
  • SEO – Homepage – Title and Meta Descriptions: Write titles and descriptions for your homepage so that it ranks well in Google.
  • SEO – Product Page – Title and Meta Descriptions: Write SEO-optimized title tags and meta descriptions that will help your product pages rank well on Google.
  • SEO – Services Pages – Title and Meta Descriptions: Write SEO-optimized title tags and meta descriptions to make your company pages rank well in Google.
  • Company Bio: Write a story about your company. Make it good and interesting.
  • Personal Bio: Create a short, creative bio that captures attention.
  • Feature to Benefit: Turn your product features into something that will make people want to buy them.
  • Before-After-Bridge Framework: Create marketing copy with the BAB framework. The first talk about before, then after, and then finally the bridge between the two.
  • Unique Value Propositions: You can create a clear statement that tells people the benefit of your offer. This will help them to know what you have to offer.
  • Real Estate Listing – Residential: Creative, captivating real estate listings will sell homes quickly.
  • Pinterest Pin Title & Description: Create a good title and description for your pins so that people will like them, come to see them, and also share them.
  • Press Release Title & Intro: This will help you write the first paragraph of a press release. The first paragraph is important. People need to want to read it.
  • Engaging Questions: Ask your audience questions that make them think. If you do, then they will be more engaged.
  • Quora Answers: This is a book with good answers to difficult questions.
  • Text Summarizer: Get the most important point from a piece of text.
  • Business or Product Name: Generate a name for your business that will let people know it is successful.
  • Poll Questions & Multiple Choice Answers: To get to know your community better, you can ask them questions. You can make them with some choices.

Why This Conversion.ai Tool?

Writing good copy for your website is hard, and it takes a long time.

It’s not just the writing that’s hard – finding skilled writers to do this work can be even more challenging. You need someone who understands your business, but also knows how to write in an engaging way that will get people excited about what you have to offer.

Conversion.ai solves this problem by providing you with high-quality copywriting software that allows you to outsource all of your marketing needs and generate top converting content in minutes! With access to some of the best conversion experts around, our A.I.-powered tool will produce compelling blog posts, landing pages, email sequences, or even social media updates for any industry. All at lightning speed!

Who Conversion.ai Is For?

==> Content writers

==> Bloggers

==> eCom marketers

==> Social media marketers and agencies

==> Freelancers

==> Affiliate marketers

==> Digital marketers

==> Video creators such as Youtubers

==> Amazon sellers

==> eBay sellers

==> Email marketers

==> Local marketers

==> Advertisers

==> SEO agencies

==> Press release people

==> Quora marketers

The Pros and Cons


  • Save time by delegating the task of copywriting
  • Get a wide variety of marketing content with just one click
  • Stop wasting your time on tedious and overwhelming tasks
  • Easy to use, no training required
  • 100% unique content
  • Content that converts readers into buyers
  • 100% cloud-based and easy to use on any device
  • Word class customer support
  • Feature requests accepted


  • Honestly, there are no cons until now.


Conversion.ai is a powerful tool that can help you write things in just a few seconds by using natural learning technology. The best part? It’s 100% unique copy or content! If writing is not your strong suit and you want to get something out there quickly, try it out for yourself today on their site (conversion.ai) – I’m sure they’ll be happy to have another person testing the system as well! You can see my full-length Conversion.ai review here.